Temecula Valley Homestead

Temecula Valley Homestead started in September 2019 with a vision of offering a self-sustainable lifestyle to the Gaines family.  We have developed the property to include free-ranging chickens, ducks, and turkeys, a mature orchard with various fruit, olive, and avocado trees, a large “dirt” garden, and an aquaponics system (dirtless gardening) utilizing fish waste from the 10,000 gallon in-ground koi pond to support the vegetable plants with necessary nutrients.  We also raise quail, goats and rabbits and have recently planted 541 grape vines – red, white, and table grape varietals.  There is always something happening on the homestead!

What we offer: tours of the property for others who are considering this type of lifestyle, instructional clinics in various aspects of homesteading (e.g., aquaponics systems, animal raising), “on the farm” hands-on experiences (with the animals, the fruit trees, the gardening, canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, etc.), or hosting events (parties, retreats, etc.).  There is also a tiny home on the homestead which is rented out through Air B&B for those who want a weekend homestead experience, who want to try tiny home living, or simply for a place to stay and enjoy all Temecula has to offer. 

Who Are We?


Kami Gaines Timm – matriarch of the family – is a nurse by background and currently works for Providence St. Joseph Health facilitating a leadership development program for healthcare leaders in California and Texas.

James Gaines is a former Navy submariner and currently works as an engineering consultant in pharmaceutical plants.  He is the man with the vision and ideas for the homestead!

Mackey Gaines, James’s wife is finishing her LLM (Masters of Law) in San Diego, with concentration on immigration law.  In her spare time, she researches recipes for fruits, vegetables, and products made from goat’s milk.

Lyle and Charlise, James and Mackey’s children, are very involved in managing the animals, working in the gardens, and helping with fruit picking.