What Animals are on the Homestead?


We currently have Nubian goats – mamas Daisy and Jill, their babies Daphne and Julian, and papa Jack.  The goats are milked daily which we use to make a variety of soft and firm cheeses.

We have two types of rabbits – New Zealand and Rex, one breeding trio of each.  No kits yet, but the New Zealands will be ready to have babies soon.  They live in a barn stall which is also used as a grow-out pen for the poultry (chickens, ducks, and turkeys) which are hatched on the homestead.

We have two types of turkeys: two heritage females (Whiskey and Tango) and eight Broad-Breasted Whites.  Whiskey acts more like a dog, however, following us around the property and stopping to be petted and have her “armpits” scratched.  She will even pose for pictures!

Our ducks include: Silver Appleyards, Muskovy, Rouen, Pekin, and Khaki Campbell, and we recently hatched 20 ducklings.  The Silver Appleyards ducks are threatened to be endangered, so we are delighted to be able to help increase the numbers of this particular breed.  We provide hatching eggs to other homesteaders to help in starting new flocks.

Our chickens are varied: Sapphire Splash, Barred Rock, ISA Browns, Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Australorp, Copper Maran, and more which we classify as “barnyard mix.”  We have hatched and raised many of our chickens ourselves and hope to be able to raise specific breeds in the future.

Our Coturnix quails are one of the largest varieties of quail and begin laying eggs a mere six weeks after hatching.  Quail eggs are used in a variety of Asian dishes from sushi to pancit.

Guarding the homestead animals are two Great Pyrenees, Ziggy and Yuki, while Alita, the Husky is a running partner for anyone who will attach a leash to her collar!